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Compassion is both the sensitivity of the suffering of others and the motivation to attend to and prevent it.

What happens if we do not give compassion to others?

George Floyd was killed by a police officer. His death is tragic no matter how you see the situation. His death was unnecessary and preventable. George Floyd is not a rare exception but is part of a harrowing tapestry that reflects larger issues of racism within our society. …

Trump is the outcome of an unexamined life in an unexamined culture.

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“Man is the cruelest animal.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Sitting crossed-legged on a meditation cushion, I conjure up three distinctly different people. The point of the practice is to extend compassion to others, and the challenge, quite frankly, is to see how I resist such efforts to certain others. It’s a three-part process where you first focus on a loved one that you care about, then a neutral other, and wraps up with a difficult person.

For each of these folks that enter my mind, the practice instructed me…

Humanizing metal and stone while dehumanizing flesh and bone

Christopher Columbus statue torn down at Minnesota State Capitol — Tony Webster | Wikimedia Commons

A giant crane looms over a towering medal figure — a man riding horseback mounted onto a stone pedestal. It’s the middle of the summer on the first of July and city workers of Richmond, Virginia work to remove the statue of Stonewall Jackson from Monument Avenue.

The removal of the statue is one among many Confederate statues that have come down either by the government or the people in recent years. Hundreds of these types of statues are still standing through the United States.

Watching how some white people have…

And other reasons white people take systemic racism too personal

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There seems to be a racial awakening afoot in America. Black Lives Matter is thought to be the largest movement in U.S. history. Books on the topics of social justice and diversity are sold at increasing numbers.

It appears that white Americans, in particular, are increasingly becoming aware of the racial realities of the United States.

As more white Americans become increasingly aware of racial history and the realities of racial inequity in this country, they have to contend with the psychological consequences of such an awareness. One of these emotional consequences is White Guilt.

It goes something like this…

Finding a sustainable way to stay engaged when the path ahead is difficult

By formatoriginal

The year 2020 has had a pronounced tie to suffering: fires consuming Australia, a global pandemic, global economic hardships, political unrest, and a crescendo of awareness surrounding racial injustice.

In the space of so much suffering and uncertainty, we can lose the motivation to stay engaged in the real work of making the world a better place. How do we hold so much pain without becoming overwhelmed or burning out?

We have to find some semblance of hope to move forward individually, as a society, and as…

Societal Transformation Requires Us to Listen, Validate, & Engage

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Protests are emerging all across the country in response to the chronic injustice that has impacted black members of our society that has largely gone by without any meaningful acknowledgement and change. The American rebellion that is emerging is an ongoing effort to awaken American society to the continued injustice faced within the black community by systemic racism.

And so the response by some white citizens usually starts with something like: “I agree that the death is sad but why do they (black Americans) got to be so angry?”

Commonly in these contexts, white people will make no mention to…

Justin D. Henderson, PhD

Dr. Justin D. Henderson is a counseling psychologist, counselor educator, meditation teacher, clinic director, and assistant professor.

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